On 11th march I went to a show at the Hammersmith Apollo. The name, Bharati. Bharat is the traditional name of India. Bharati, the name of the lead in the show. In this case a beautiful girl, who’s dancing performance is outstanding. The show has the typical story of, boy meets girl… Boy falls in love with girl. The only hurdle between the two is the reluctance of the girl’s father, to accept the boy who she has chosen.

The whole performance is made up of a series of famous Bollywood/Hindi soundtracks, to which a number of performers dance. Choreography and composition is simply amazing. Selected music doesn’t come from a CD, that’s boring. In this case, 5 different artists sing them live. They are accompanied by a live orchestra, providing sublime musical experience, displaying mastery of some of the traditional Indian instruments… Combine the storyline, dancers and musical mastery and what you get is a very emotional and fulfilling performance. Overall, mind-blowing.

Throughout, there is narration by Rahul Vohra, from the film Swades. It makes great reference to the traditions of India as well as the great things that have come out of it. Positive, vibrant and uplifting are words, which describe the finesse of the overall performance. Credit should go to the entire team. I was quite fortunate to attend this. It was the only performance they had in the UK. If they ever decide to play England again, it’s well worth a watch. ;)


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