What is a brand? A brand is a company’s look or style. It’s identity, it’s values, what it stands for. For example, if we think about the drinks manufacturer, Coca-Cola, the first thing that springs to mind about its ‘brand’ is the iconic, script logo and the colour red. A brand which is known to be fresh, modern and one which sets the bar for other drinks manufacturers.

Brand are everywhere and continue to evolve as trends change.

I was in Starbucks, Edgware recently and I ordered a drink. Vanilla Spice Latte. Skinny of course! I waited at the end of the queue for my drink as it was being prepared. Once it arrived and was placed on the small circular table, I immediately noticed a change. Where was the white mug with the printed Starbucks logo and type?

This new mug now appeared to be much more shorter in height. Probably a design consideration to makes it easier to pick up and hold (always have the customer in mind!). It also looked wider. I am guessing it is easier to stack as well.

Secondly, if you can remember the old mug design, it was white. This is off white. A very light brown. I like the style of it.

sb2On further inspection, you can see the iconic logo (without the Starbucks name) embossed onto the side of the mug. This gives it a nice feel as you run your fingers over it. The circular ‘icon’ graphic does not have the word ‘Starbucks’ on it. The previous mug had the printed icon and the company name on it. I think the reason for this move is that the brand is now widely recognised and doesn’t necessarily need the word ‘Starbucks’ word on it.

A more subtle change is the addition of the letter ‘T’ which appeared at the top of the handle. Initially I was unsure what the ‘T’ meant, but then remembered it was to do with the ‘size’ of the drink – in this case a ‘Tall’ drink. I’m assuming that the other size cups are represented with different letters.

So, Starbucks have introduced this new mug for its consumers to drink out of. I wonder what they have done with the old mugs!!

It’s all part of their evolution of their brand – making sure they set standards as one of the leading coffee shops and enhance the experience of its consumers.

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