Its been a busy time for Apple over the past few of weeks. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which took place 6-10 June. Many people thought that there would be an update on the popular iPhone 4. But this conference was all about software. Apple seems to set new standards with their new software and they didn’t disappoint…

Their updated iPhone software has lots of new tweaks. OS5, which builds on previous versions will improve usability and speed and let the user do a lot more than before with its new streamlined features. Such as iMessage which is similar to Blackberry’s BBM. This improved OS will also allow app developers push further and create better user experiences. Very exciting for those with the an iPhone or an iPad. Check out all of the features here.

I have been using Macs for a while now and I keen to learn more about ‘Lion’. Apples latest incarnation of the ‘world’s most advanced desktop operating system’. Improvements in the software are ultimately about creating a better user experience, increasing speed, ultimately improving workflow. For those of you that have a mac, familiar mac software such as Mail, Calendar and Safari have all been improved. Probably one of the more notable improvements in Lion is the evolution of ‘gestures’ which take inspiration from the iPad. Working in ‘full-screen’ apps is also a new feature which is quite exciting! Click here to discover more about Mac OS X Lion.

For those with more than one Apple product, iCloud is a new product which will allow you to sync all of your apple devices and files to the ‘cloud’ and access data from either device, anywhere, with a connection. So, you can store anything from calendars, contacts, email, documents, music and a lot more, all in the ‘cloud’ and edit on any of your devices! Click here to find out more about iCloud.

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