Cricket – everyone loves it? Well, don’t they? I happen to – its a great game. I often enjoy playing with my friends in the nets. The new Twenty20 format has become so popular, its really revived the sport and brought it to the forefront of peoples minds. I was fortunate enough to work on the creative for the promotion of a cricket game which took place earlier this year on the 6th July 2009. This was a first. The Rajasthan Royals – winners of the inaugural Indian Premier League(IPL) vs The Middlesex Panthers, at The Home of Cricket, Lords.

The IPL is big business over in India and like the English football premier league, attracts cricketing professionals from around the world. This would be the first time The Rajasthan Royals would play in the UK. Shilpa Shetty the owner of the Rajasthan Royals also came to cheer her team on..

The creative concept was purely to attract an audience to pack an impressive Lords cricket ground. This included die hard fans of cricket, regular fans as well as those with a passion for Asian music. It would be a day of cricket entertainment with an asian mela twist.

Below are some of the creatives which were used to promote the event. The messaging was important. This focussed on the essence of the day and the professional cricketers that would be involved.  Visually it had to be appealing to all and the vibrant use of colour was used to do this.

Packed venue with some great music talent on display. The weather could have been better, but we got a full game in, which The Rajasthan Royals proved to be triumphant. Overall a great day out! – I even got to meet Australian legend, Shane Warne

Cricket – you know you love it! :)

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