Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network is an initiative which is being spearheaded by Shiva Foundation; an organisation who’s aim is to end human trafficking and slavery. The aim of this initiative, is to bring leading representatives from across the hotel industry together, to combat human trafficking and modern slavery within the hotel sector.


Working with Shiva Foundation on previous design projects has allowed Count Creation to understand the work that they do. We were provided with a brief to create a logo design identity which was recognisable and scalable. It had to be strong and communicate values such as: collaboration, action and long-term impact.

The initial application of this logo identity is for a number of digital requirements such as websites, infographics and on social media channels. In the future there will be a requirement to use it in a number of different print applications. The logo identity went through a process of development and refinement to ensure that as well as being recognisable, it represented a trustworthy brand.

This process helped to highlight the development of the logo design identity:

Finalised logo design identity. This will become the cornerstone of the brand.


Following on from the creation of the logo design identity, a brief was supplied to create an engaging website experience, which would communicate the vision of the Stop Slavery Hotel Industry Network.

The purpose of the website is to bring together information, articles and industry news. This is to ensure that people can understand the aims and objectives of the initiative, as well as keep up to date with the latest movements within the industry. It was a requirement for the website to allow users to view it on various devices including desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

A ‘Resource Hub’
The website houses a ‘Resource Hub’ which holds a range of ‘resources’ in the form of text, articles, PDFs and videos. All of which are relevant to the industry. It allows viewers ‘search’ and ‘filter’ through resources. The hub will be added to on a regular basis as awareness of the issue increases.

Visit the website here:

Director of Count Creation, Amit Patel said:
“At Count Creation we love to get involved with a variety of projects with design at their core. This initiative can create a huge movement within the industry. The issue of modern slavery and trafficking should be tackled and if we can help bring this to the forefront through design, it gives us a greater purpose. Modern slavery and trafficking should have no place in our society.”

Count Creation looks forward to working with Shiva Foundation to increase awareness of this, and other important issues.


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