Over time, a logo will become the ‘face’ of your project, company or organisation. Every day, our eyes are presented with so many visuals that it has become important to stand out from the competition by having a design which is unique and speaks for itself.

A logo should never be thought of as a quick fix project. It should be something, which once designed, can be sustained throughout your project, company or organisation and evolve to adapt to the ever-changing market, this includes your online and offline presence. People will become familiar with a logo over time as they see it on social media pages, websites or on printed documents. Used in the right way, your logo will help to build trust with your consumers, which is vital to any successful organisation.


Count Creation recently completed a logo branding project for The Poppy Project.

The Poppy Project is an organisation which was formed to fight and advocate for female victims of human trafficking. Therefore it was important that the core values and principles of the organisation was represented through the logo.


Firstly we met with the team to discuss and understand what they wanted to achieve from the logo.

Some of the words which came out of the meeting included: punchy, interesting, powerful, survival, recovery, strength, balanced, prevention, protection, self-empowerment.

The above are just words which aim to convey the aspects of the organisation. Following on from this initial information gathering, a research phase took place before work began on the logo concepts.

As the ideas began to develop, they helped to form the basis of the first round of logo options below:

The next stage was to develop the ideas after obtaining feedback. The idea of the hand was something to take forward. From the bottom left option above, the hand needed to be more feminine and be more subtle.

Green was chosen as it is a colour associated with qualities such as energy, safety and protection.

After another round of adjustments, we sat directly with the client to finalise the logo and complete the required adjustments. The client was pleased with the final result and felt the logo justified the core purpose of The Poppy Project.

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Published On: April 11th, 2016 / Categories: Charities, Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design /