I attended the Ernst and Young Sikh Group, Turbanology exhibition launch event at 1 More Place, London on Tuesday. ‘Turbanology’ is an exhibition all about the cultural and historical importance of the Sikh turban or “Dastaar”. Guest speakers included Peter Virdee (business tycoon), Dr Surinder Hundal (business strategist). The keynote speech was given by Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable MP.

Dr Cable talked about his travels in India and his first job in Kenya. He talked about the struggle which Asians went through in the 1970’s in the UK. Looking back, he said a lot had changed and there has been much achievement by the Indian community in the UK. He talked about the great contribution to business which has been made by Sikhs, at the same time, maintaining their own identities.

There was lots of discussion about building business and enterprise among the Sikh community in the tough economic climate.

During the discussion, it was mentioned that courage and conviction are ideals which are huge for Sikhs and these can be combined with business. The role of seva, or selfless service was touched on and was highlighted as an aspect which should be practiced alongside business business.

The exhibition was made up of large banners explaining various aspects of the Sikh turban and its history. Examples of various ways of tying the turban were also on display to bring the exhibition to life. The exhibition ran for 4 days at 1 More Place, London, however there will be future exhibitions at other venues in the UK. You can find out more about the exhibition here – www.turbanology.info


Published On: April 16th, 2012 / Categories: Design, Events /