Saturday evening. I was at a friends house watching ‘Britains Got Talent’. I don’t normally watch much TV but I have heard about the large number of people who watch this show. The commercial break spots during Britains Got Talent must be in high demand and this must also be reflected in the price of these spots as well.

There are some television adverts that catch my attention. Thats the reason for having them! However, the latest John Lewis advertisement which was aired this Saturday evening caught my attention. The ad was very long at around 90 seconds. It shows the development through life of an individual. In this case a girl and shows the girl as a baby who gradually gets older, going through primary school education, to further education, celebrating birthdays, marriage, pregnancy and into working life and eventually in the role of a mother. This process is brought to life with some very clever editing.

John Lewis are notorious for the high standard of products they sell and the service they provide and props from the stores are used in the advert. At the end of the advert the message which is left is: ‘Our lifelong commitment to you’ which re-enforces that message of the service they are known for. The journey of the girl into a woman is flawless, probably how John Lewis are attempting to project themselves.

It’s an advert which cleverly plays on the emotions of the viewer. The soundtrack of the ad isn’t bad either… If you have not seen it, take 90 seconds out and enjoy!

John Lewis

Published On: April 25th, 2010 / Categories: Interesting /