Wow. Its been a busy few weeks. I recently got back from a family holiday to California. To say I had a great time is an understatement. It was in the words of the Americans, ‘Awesome’. We hear so much about the famous Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon, the Hollywood sign, Hoover Dam, Muscle Beach and the gambling capital Las Vegas – now I can say that I have been to see them! :)

At the same time we managed to fit in a beautiful wedding in San Diego. All in two weeks! Weather was great, a bit like an English summer this time of year – not bad for December. Lets get one thing straight – America is HUGE! We must have covered over 2200 miles in our Dodge Caravan (our rental car served us well)! Highways are wide and you can see for miles when driving on a flat area of land. There are lots of mountainous areas, which at times add a lot of character to the scenery, especially when you have a beautiful setting sun. In San Fransisco and Los Angeles we went on city tours to get a feel for the cities.

When we went for dinner outside The Staples Center, we bumped into none other than rapper Jay Z. Well we didn’t chat to him. He had his entourage with him and was accompanied Will-i-am from the Black Eyed Peas. Managed to take a picture of Jay Z, after being egged on by my older brother. See it at the end of this post! Ill try and post some more pics on here. Maybe some of the panoramic shots from Hollywood and the LA,  which I am tempted to get printed. Check back soon to see them. Creatively, it was an eye opener to be exposed to the sights and sounds of cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It’s definitely a consumers paradise out there.

Jay Z - LA

Big thanks to Danny Boyle – Director of Slumdog Millionaire for getting back to me after meeting him on a train to Manchester.

Looking ahead there are more things which are happening. Christmas and New Year are weeks away which will allow me to catch up with more friends and family. This weekend I am taking pictures for a friends Arangetram brochure – should be good.

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