india_set_colourIt’s been a long time since I updated my blog. There is never enough time…! well here goes. Past few months have been pretty busy. Work continues at a pace. One of my good friends is getting engaged soon and last week I was at a leadership training camp for, teaching Yogasan, or Yoga to a group of teenagers.

Yoga can offer so much, peace of the mind, body and soul. Breathing techniques and different asanas or postures can help in fitness. I’m fairly flexible so it means I can do some of the asanas(postures) quite well, but I am far from an expert! It was fun teaching and informing people about the subject and its probably something i would like to carry on in the future.

I’ve been itching to play cricket! Trying to follow the Ashes, 2 to play with England up, should be an interesting contest.

The next few months should be interesting, but hopefully ill keep you all posted on here of the goings on in the world of Amit…

I’m taking photographs at my friends engagement this Saturday – all the best!

Below are some photographs which I took on my trip to India last year. This time last year I was there… great memories.

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