I found out news last night that a family member of mine in India had passed away. Rameshmama as I knew him was one of the people who we relied on to help us with pretty much anything in our home city of Navsari, Gujarat. He was born in South Africa, but chose to stay at his ancestral¬†home in the village of Kadipore, just outside Navsari. He had been there for around the last 20 years…

I spent a weekend with Rameshmama in January on my two month stay in India and even for the time after I had left, he would phone me every couple of days whilst I was still in Ahmedabad to check if I was ok. My parents and brothers were very fond of him.

I will look over the pictures now and remember the good times we had when we were over there. Quite a selfless man, who travelled far to attend to our needs in india.

As my mum puts it, ‘our trip to India wont be the same without Rameshmama’

Me and my uncle outside the Gandhi museum in Dandi

Me and my mama outside the Gandhi museum in Dandi - January 2010

Aum Namah Shivaya

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