Throughout the life of a product, trends, technologies and times constantly change. These changes will, at some point influence a company to consider a ‘re-design’.

As the word suggests, a re-design is where a company will assess the look and feel of the product or service which they are promoting. This could be a website or the company’s brand for example. In most cases there would be subtle changes. Colour, tints, shades, typography are just some of the things which would be taken into consideration.¬† These subtle changes can have a huge impact on the overall look/finish.

Creative Review, a popular design publication which is published monthly has recently had a re-design and its interesting to see the design considerations which they have made to make sure that it remains appealing  in changing times.

Creative Review

Considerations have been made throughout the publication

Published On: March 23rd, 2010 / Categories: Design /