As technologies emerge and evolve, brands are looking for new, innovative ways to connect and engage with their consumers. There are some fundamental practices which should be followed to ensure that the brand continues to be approachable, transparent and overall, trustworthy :

  • Brands need to be clear in all of their messaging.
  • Values of a brand come out in different situations. During crisis, or even before a crisis hits. Brands need to be ready for every situation.
  • The underlying values of a brand merge with the people behind the brand and those involved with it.
  • Humour, humanity, transparency and care should be used as a foundation behind every brand to help humanise it.
  • With change happening on a daily basis, content and the timing of content has become extremely important. Content should be published in the right way and at the right moment.
  • “Brands are people made” – by creating the right space with the right individuals, ‘people’ can help the brand to achieve its goals. Everyone in an organisation owns the brand, or own part of the brand experience. People also shape culture and values of a brand and what an organisation is about.


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Published On: April 7th, 2017 / Categories: Branding, Business, Design, Graphic Design /