Red Bull

Red Bull used to be just a drinks brand, now it’s seen as more of an ‘extreme sports’ brand. Digital content has changed over the last few years and Red Bull have invested heavily. They have become a publisher of media and become a ‘media brand’. The rise of digital tech and content is enabling them to reach out to an audience beyond energy drink consumers.


Formerly BT Cellnet the rebranded company O2 carved out a whole new look and style appealing to more of the mass market. They were primarily a telecommunications provider, but have now evolved into a knowledge base. Through their online channels, they are helping people across all tech lifecycle questions and queries. They have become an authority in technology through their YouTube channel –

Under Armour

UA is a company which not only provides sports clothing, but is using technology to improve the performance of sports enthusiasts and athletes. It is doing this by creating gadgets and technology to help people optimise their training. They have changed their positioning in the market by embracing digital and technology for their consumers.

From this, we can start to see that brands are living much differently with technology today that they did a few years ago. They are able to educate their audiences in a different way and it allows them to take bolder steps forward setting new trends and fashions.


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Published On: March 31st, 2017 / Categories: Branding, Design, Graphic Design /