‘Brands’ are embracing change

Gone are the days where communication design was just about print.

Brands are successfully embracing important tools for marketers, strategists and creatives, which are constantly changing on a regular basis.

‘Brands’ have to function differently with digital technology and almost every industry will go through some disruption as the world changes. Design has a big role to play to tie the communication element and the technology element. We are all visual people. A lot of what we learn is through seeing, experiencing and then knowing. Big and small brands should aim to bear this in mind whatever audience they are looking to engage and connect with.

Why do brands exist?

Offers differentiation: brands are able to shape the way in which consumers see them

Allows an opportunity to build ‘trust’ with the consumer: it is important to build trust and this takes time. Rarely does trust get built overnight. Good communication through a brand’s online and digital media channels will help to build trust and likability

Helps to build the ‘identity’: allows companies to stand out and set trends and innovate within their industry

What to consider

Value: a strong brand identity or logo with purpose can warrant a bigger value of a product

Brand mission: developing a mission provides an opportunity to increase awareness and trust with consumers

Published On: July 1st, 2020 / Categories: Blog, Branding, Design, Digital, Marketing, Online /